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Promoting Your Mercury Safe Practice

Dental Staff

No matter how you analyze it, minimizing occupational exposure to mercury at the dental office and making your practice Mercury Safe is the right thing to do. The good news is that doing so offers many benefits, such as:


  • attracting new patients to your practice;
  • accessing new patients from Health Professionals;
  • increasing treatment plan acceptance; and
  • generating more revenue.






All are particularly important in these difficult financial times. Our DVD on "How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury at the Dental Office" isn't just about making your office Mercury Safe. It also includes detailed information about how to cost-effectively promote and market a Mercury Safe Dental Practice.


Mercury Safe: What the Public Wants

What makes becoming a Mercury Safe practice even more important today is that the public is becoming increasingly aware of mercury poisoning and its association to mercury amalgams. Because of the media exposure and the efforts of mercury free and safe organizations, more and more people are looking specifically for Mercury Safe Dentists. The big question is how will they find you when you become Mercury Safe? Our DVD is the only to access all of this information from a single source.


The DVD offers proven, cost-effective, marketing strategies on How to Promote Your Mercury Safe and Mercury Free Practice. These marketing tools will allow you to access new patients from the Internet, whether you currently have a website or not. This is important because 90% of those seeking Mercury Free and Mercury Safe dentists find them on the Internet. This number is increasing and patients are now demanding that dentistry move in a new . . . and safer direction.


Dr. Tom McGuire is the leading authority on Mercury Safe Dentistry and an expert on marketing and promoting a Mercury Safe Office. He also has the largest and most comprehensive Internet Directory of Mercury Safe Dentists. His presentation on the DVD will show you how the small investment involved in making your office Mercury Safe will allow you to generate revenues far in excess of your initial investment. His philosophy is that there isn't anything wrong with making a profit by doing the right thing. To learn more about his Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory please Click Here.


The New Directions Dentistry DVD will also demonstrate how to connect with health practitioners in your area to generate a continuous source of patient referrals from them. Health professionals are a potential gold mine of patient referrals, one that has remained untapped by the dental profession. The DVD will show you how to easily and cost-effectively mine this source of patient referrals that cannot be accessed unless you are Mercury Safe.




"Mercury Safe Dentistry: The New Direction of Dentistry."

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