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Benefits of Being Mercury Safe

We believe the moral and ethical aspect of minimizing your patients' and your staff's exposure to high, and unnecessary, levels of toxic mercury vapor will be sufficient motivation for you to want to make your practice Mercury Safe. There is no doubt that it pays to be Mercury Safe and we believe that you should take full advantage of the many benefits it will offer! But there are other, even more important advantages to consider.


The Lawsuit and Government Regulation

Legal AwarenessThere could be serious side effects to not making your office Mercury Safe; such as the threat of a lawsuit and government regulation! More and more activity is taking place in this arena. There are ongoing efforts by a number of anti-amalgam groups and dental organizations to force the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, to not only ban amalgam fillings, but regulate the dental office for mercury vapor.


One such lawsuit, brought by "Moms Against Mercury" against the FDA required it to post the following statement on its website. Amalgam fillings “may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetus,” and that pregnant women “should not avoid seeking dental care, but should discuss options with their health practitioner.” Previously, there was no such warning.


In August, 2009 the FDA also placed the following comment on its website, "High levels of mercury vapor exposure are associated with adverse effects in the brain and kidneys."


Because of the increasing trend toward lawsuits involving amalgam fillings, we believe the dental office that is not practicing Mercury Safe Dentistry will be more vulnerable to these lawsuits because it isn't adequately protecting patients, employees, and the environment from a well-known and regulated poison . . . mercury! There is simply too much information about the health hazards of occupational mercury exposure to claim ignorance.....


No one yet knows if mandated regulation by governmental organizations will precede the inevitable class-action lawsuit, but the ADA has demonstrated that it doesn't want to get involved and you can't look to it for guidance or support from it in the legal area.


But regardless of how this unfolds, the best thing you can do is to be proactively preventive. That means immediately protecting yourself from a potential legal catastrophe by doing everything you can to ensure your practice is not just Mercury Free, but Mercury Safe . . . ASAP!



Environmental Protection & Government Regulation

Devastating Impact of MercuryOne-half gram of mercury, the amount of mercury in an average sized amalgam, can poison a 10 acre lake; making the fish unsuitable for consumption. One of the reasons cited by the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Norway for banning the use of amalgam fillings was their conclusion that mercury is a hazard to the environment. Our question to you is, "are you willing to do your part to protect the environment from mercury?"


Except for a few cities and states in the USA, there are no laws or mandates by federal government regulatory agencies stating that the dental office has to do its part in protecting the environment from mercury. However, more and more pressure is being exerted on regulatory agencies to control the mercury that enters municipal water systems from dental offices.


The problem with mercury entering the water system is that most municipalities aren't set up to remove it. The most effective way you can help protect the environment is to include a mercury separator in all waste water lines likely to come into contact with mercury vapor and amalgam particles.


Until recently the ADA had chosen not to get involved with the separator issue, preferring to say that dental office compliance in this area should be 'voluntary'. Evidence has shown that such voluntary compliance has not worked and now, with the increasing pressure to do so, the ADA has decided to add mercury separators to its recommended list of "Best Management Practices".


Of course, the ADA cannot 'mandate or regulate' anything and adding separators to its BMP, while a tacit acknowledgment, is really nothing more than a recommendation. Thus, until you are "officially" regulated by the government, it will be up to you to use a mercury separator to protect the environment from this toxic substance.


Because you can't have a fully compliant Mercury Safe Office without taking steps to also protect the environment from mercury entering the waste water, our DVD will introduce the most effective mercury separator available today. Making your office Environmentally Green when it comes to mercury benefits everyone!


There is NO Safe Level of Mercury!

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