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Product Discounts

Discounts on Products & Equipment for Making the Dental Office Mercury-Safe

Information About Products & EquipmentThe products and equipment we recommend on our DVD, Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury at the Dental Office, are essential to making your office as occupationally safe from mercury as is possible today.


In the DVD, Dr Rubin will introduce the products, explain their value and demonstrate how they are used in the dental practice to protect your patients, yourself, your staff and the environment from unnecessary and excessive exposure to mercury.


Each company's representative will also present and discuss his, or her, product on the DVD so you will receive detailed and product specific information about the role each product plays in making your practice mercury-safe.


A number of the companies producing these products have generously offered discounts for those who purchase the DVD. The DVD includes the contact information for the companies participating in the discount offer but to make it easier for you to access this information a printout of the contact information will be included with the DVD.


The printout will also list the amount each product is discounted and the promotional code for obtaining your discount. When you contact the participating company all you will have to do is provide the code to receive your discount.


Because the discounts available exceed the cost of the DVD they can, in effect, pay for the cost of the DVD. If you have any questions about the discounts please call us at 800-335-7755.


“The Only DVD of its Kind Available for Dentists”