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Information About Products & Equipment

Information About Products & Equipment Making your practice Mercury Safe isn’t complicated, time-consuming, or costly . . . if you know what products and equipment to use and have access to the companies providing them. Dr. Rubin has been practicing Mercury Safe and Mercury Free dentistry for 30 years and has extensively evaluated the products and equipment necessary to minimize mercury exposure at the dental office.


Dr. Rubin will introduce the products, explain their value and demonstrate how they are used in his practice. He will also take you through the protocols necessary to practice mercury safe dentistry and how each product relates to the corresponding protocol.

Thousands of hours have been spent researching, using and evaluating the equipment needed to minimize occupational exposure to mercury vapor at the dental office. Because of our efforts, and those of others, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, as we’ve done the work for you. You could take the time to do this research but we believe it would be an unnecessary waste of your valuable time . . . when it will all be provided for you in our Seminar DVD.
Our unique, interactive, approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry means we provide the guidance and literally bring the products to you in the most cost-effective way possible . . . on the DVD. The exhibitors presented on the DVD were selected by invitation .
Each exhibitor was interviewed for the DVD and the appropriate contact information is provided. The DVD will provide you with all you need to know to quickly and effectively make your dental practice Mercury Safe.


“The Only DVD of its Kind Available for Dentists”