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Use the DVD to Educate Existing and New Employees

While the Primary Purpose of the DVD Course is to show you how to make your practice fully occupationally mercury safe there is another benefit that is very useful - Educating Existing and New Employees. This feature alone will save a lot of time and utilizing it for this purpose is well worth the cost of the Course.


It is very important for ALL of your staff to know why you are making the effort to protect them from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury vapor at the office. It is really a bonus you give them and once they understand what you are doing and why they will be very appreciative. Remember, making your practice mercury safe isn't just to protect yourself and the patients - but your employees as well. Your employees will now know the difference between a mercury free and mercury safe office and a traditional dental office. They will spread the word to friends and family.


They will learn just how toxic mercury is and how minimizing their exposure will eliminate the risk of chronic mercury poisoning and its related health issues. The big advantage to you of using the DVD to provide the education is in how much TIME it will save you by not having to provide this information yourself. We do it for you and you get the additional benefit of having it presented by two of the leading authorities on this subject, giving you additional credibility.


By making your practice Mercury Safe, and educating your employees, you are also eliminating the possibility of your employees complaining to OSHA for not protecting them against mercury exposure. Keep in mind that OSHA's role is to protect employees and guidlines already exist for regulating mercury excessive exposure at the workplace.


I recommend that you use Mercury 101, on Disc One, to educate all of your employees about mercury and why it is so important to work in a Mercury Safe Office. The assistant should view the mercury safe protocols on Disc Two. There are other segments that you may want your staff to review and that will be up to you.


I also encourage you to review the Links to Hg Studies, toward the bottom of the Main Menu. There are a number of studies there that document the numerous health problems associated with mercury exposure at the dental office. If you still aren't 100% convinced that making your practice mercury safe is the right thing to do I encourage you to review these studies. You may want to show them to your employees.